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In addition to training, Éditions JPL provides other educational services: expert advice to set up your SVT or Physics-Chemistry laboratory, conference animation in your school, diagnose it to determine the key factors that will bring it about. towards progress. Our experts are waiting for your call.

Our most requested educational services

Expert advice for setting up an SVT / Physics-Chemistry lab


2 days

Are you looking for a guide to set up and equip your SVT or Physics-Chemistry laboratory? Our technicians are trained and experienced to help you do this.

School diagnosis


1 day

You want to know the points on which you will have to act to improve the image of your establishment, to give parents confidence, contact us. Our experts are able to diagnose your establishment and give you the advice you need.

Conference in schools


2 hrs

Give more life to your events, involve educators, holders of masters in education, doctors in your establishment.

Adapted progression grid construction


2 hrs

The educational sheets from the Ministry of National Education are only guides. Depending on your students, the reality of your establishment, you need adapted progression grids. We can support you in this work which is so important for the success of your school year and to achieve your goals at the end of the school course.

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