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Monocular optical microscope

Monocular optical microscope


AmScope M500 monocular compound microscope, WF10x eyepiece, 40x-1000x magnification, anti-mold optics, tungsten illumination, brightfield, Abbe condenser, coarse and fine focus, single stage.

About this article

  • This compound microscope offers high magnification for use in biology in schools and universities.
  • It has a monocular viewing head with 10x wide field eyepiece, fixed 45 degree vertical tilt to reduce eye and neck fatigue; It has a 360 degree rotation ability to allow sharing and anti-mold head to preserve the optics in high humidity areas.
  • The nasal turret is forward facing with precision-ground 4x, 10x, 40x (S) and 100x (S, Oil) DIN achromatic glass objectives for color correction of enlarged images
  • Imaging is brightfield with rheostat controlled tungsten (incandescent) illumination and spiral control. it has a 1.25 NA Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm and color filter.
  • It has a single stage with clips to secure the sample, separate coarse and fine focus on the rack and pinion mechanism to provide precise focusing and tension control to prevent stage drift

This monocular compound optical microscope can be used in Haitian schools (at basic and secondary level) and in universities. It will allow pupils and students to discover biological structures useful for a good understanding of biology.

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