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SVT - Secondary 3

SVT - Secondary 3

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Manual in accordance with the MENFP program, built according to the skills-based approach, offering laboratory experiments and videos accessible from your paper manual.

246-page manualin colour, with good physical quality (solid, aesthetic and functional layout, ...).

The manual includes4 major themes,15 chapters and62 units.

Each chapter begins with:

  • an introduction to formalize its problematic; 
  • a question which is the problematic of the chapter (the problem to be solved by working the units).

Chapter units contain:

  • an introduction to formalize the problem of the double page;
  • a problem to be solved (which determines the mission to be fulfilled);
  • of thedocumentsin connection, for the most part, with the daily life of the pupils to be analyzed (exploited);
  • protocolspractical work to implement ;
  • links and/orflash codes videos directly accessible from a smartphone or tablet;
  • Thevocabulary(s) useful for understanding the concepts;
  • Aguiding questions for the proposed documents;

Each chapter includes:

  • Abalance sheet in two pages in the form of a structured course to fix the required notions;

The balance sheet is summarized in two pages:

  • 1 page "I retain the essential (by the text)"
  • 1 page "I retain the essential (by the image), to discover through an internet address"

Each chapter ends withexercisesofgraded difficulty classified in two categories:   

  • exercises to test knowledge;
  • exercises to develop skills (with a guided exercise in some chapters).

Alexicon placed at the end of the book grouping most of the key words of the book.

Of themultimedia resources (31 videos, balance diagrams, documents, additional exercises) are easily and quickly accessible from a tablet or smartphone.

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