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Online French classes for beginners

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You want another world to be open to you. Our online (and virtual) French course for beginners is the best choice for you. Our group classes are only $15 per hour. Whether you are in the United States of America (USA), Canada or anywhere in the world, our professional teachers will accompany you to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible. You pay per week, or per month or per program. You can cancel whenever you want. Enroll in our virtual and online (and virtual) French classes for ZOOM, take your first class and start seeing your results immediately! We create small groups of 7 to 10 students to facilitate your rapid progress. Our online courses will be presented in the form of virtual classes (by videoconference) on ZOOM twice once a week over a non-compulsory period of 2 years. This means that the student can stop taking the course whenever he wants. These are classes that bring together the trainer and the various learners live. This is called a synchronous activity. These are real interactive webinars since each participant has their place and is free to express themselves as they wish in order to exchange with the trainer or the other participants. Research has shown that virtual classrooms are increasingly in demand. Research has shown that virtual classrooms are increasingly in demand. In addition, the virtual classroom offers very advanced learning biases: animation, group dynamics, document sharing, downloads, surveys, whiteboard, for students, etc.

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