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Our history

JPL Editions are the result of a whole process. Indeed, the first idea was not to create a publishing house, but rather the will of a teacher to put an end to his dissatisfaction with the contents and presentations of biology and geology textbooks available on the school market. . The desire to respond positively and to implement in practice the changes in methods and programs advocated by the Ministry of National Education prompted him, in 2011, to write his first book: "Cours de Botany 3ème (secondary)" , which has been very successful in the pre-university and university circles, but little appropriated by its main recipients.

Faced with this observation, four years later, in 2015, the author decided to level the content to the understanding and appreciation of the students of New Secondary I. Therefore, a simplified version adapted to the program of the ministry for joy and tranquility teachers and principals struggling to find a quality textbook.

It should be noted that in 2014, at the request of academia, the author published a book on general biology intended for first-year university students (Agronomy, Educational Sciences, Nursing Sciences, etc.).

2016 will turn into the year that will smooth the paths of the publishing house. The author published the book which made him a reference in the field of school textbooks, SVT Secondary 1. A printed manual in full color, in which the activities are built according to the investigation process and the skills-based approach. . With this manual, the author has become one of the most privileged partners of both private and public schools - because the Haitian State, through its Ministry of National Education, offered him a contract. fixed-term endowment (3 years) which allowed high school students to have the book as a reference manual -.

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Faced with the changes made by the ministry in the program, a year later, in 2017, a second edition of the SVT Secondary 1 manual was published in accordance with the program. It was from this moment that the author began to nurture the idea of ​​founding a publishing house specializing in school textbooks. In 2018, to strengthen his idea, he launched the publishing house on social networks, with of course his own website.

To become legal, on July 3, 2019, the publishing house is registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry under the trade name of “JPL EDITIONS”. and to meet the demand of teachers, principals and principals, Les Éditions JPL has embarked on the development and publication of textbooks connected to the internet and augmented with a special touch for the collection of SVT textbooks. (SVT Secondary 2, SVT Secondary 3), a first in Haiti.

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Les Éditions JPL is a company that engages a community of authors capable of understanding its philosophy and therefore of working in the direction of its motto: "quality above all". JPL Editions provide many schools in the capital and in the provinces with very high quality life science textbooks, both in terms of content and presentation.

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The JPL Editions are present everywhere on the web with its site: , his business profile on Google: , his Facebook page: , his instagram account https: // , his twitter account: , his YouTube channel: Éditions JPL ( ), his WhatsApp account: 33 89 5716

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